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Discover elegance with Change Everything, Fort Collins' premier full-service interior design firm and retail furniture store. Our expert team crafts breathtaking interiors using a curated collection of furniture, art, and décor that truly transforms spaces.

Schedule your in-home interior design consultation today and let us help you transform your space into a stunning showcase of style and comfort


    Your Change Everything stylist will help you pinpoint the design style(s) that speaks to you and complements the architecture of your home. This step ensures that every styling choice is personally tailored to create a cohesive feel throughout your home. Not sure what the difference is between an interior designer and an interior specialist? Check out our page: Interior Design vs. Interior Styling.


    Your stylist will build you a Personalized Design Guide packed with detailed tips and guidelines to help you complete your design journey with ease.


    Your stylist will give you direction in arranging your existing furniture, rugs, art, and decor in a way that maximizes both beauty and functionality. You'll also receive expert advise on selecting a color scheme that will help create cohesiveness throughout your home.

Is an In-Home Design Consultation Right For You?

If you find yourself pondering these types of questions about your space or your space never feels quite right, then an in-home design consultation is right for you:

  1. What do I hang on my walls
  2. Will a sectional fit here?
  3. How big of a dining table do I need?
  4. How do I style my shelves?

Our 2-hour, in-home design consultation is $249* and at the end of the consultation, you'll be armed with enough information to continue your design journey on your own, if you wish.

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Looking for More?

Full-Service Interior Styling

The magic starts with your in-home design consultation. It doesn't end there - once we have completed your consult, we'll put together a proposal for your full-service interior styling project which goes above and beyond what you see here.

Our white-glove experience means we handle everything from measuring every inch of your space for your design plan to hanging artwork and fluffing throw pillows at your installation.

Additionally, we ensure that each piece not only meets the criteria for proper scale and proportion but also resonates with your personal aesthetic, transforming your space into a tailored sanctuary.

Learn About Our Full-Service Solution