Interior Design Contract Services

Experience the Power of Professional Interior Styling

Welcome to the Fort Collins go-to destination for luxury interior design and rustic interior design. As a leading furniture store and high-end design hub, we specialize in providing a comprehensive range of design contract services that transform your home into an exquisite blend of elegance, sophistication, and rustic charm.

Investing in a design contract is much more than just mere furniture acquisition. Imagine having a dedicated stylist by your side, offering personalized product recommendations and crafting a digital design board that brings your dream space to life—this is exactly what awaits you with our design contract.

  • Design Board: VBRO

    We crafted a collection of VBRO rentals for an investor seeking a Colorado-inspired aesthetic with a neutral palette. Our stylist conducted in-depth research, including understanding the investor's target audience, to ensure the design aligned perfectly. By providing meticulously measured pieces tailored to the space, we alleviated the investor's stress and delivered a cohesive environment.

  • Scale & Proportion

    The principle of scale and proportion is fundamental in the art of interior styling. When building a digital design board, we ensure each piece we recommend is perfect for the space.

  • Design Board: Model Airplane

    For on sentimental reasons, this client requested the focal point of her office to be a vintage camouflage model airplane. She also requested there be no framed artwork. By seamlessly infusing the plane into a modern rustic aesthetic, we crafted a cohesive design that organically integrated the airplane into the space, enhancing its natural charm and character.

The Design Contract: White-Glove Service

The magic starts with an in-home design consultation.

Once we have completed your in-home design consultation and you have chosen to proceed with our expert interior stylists, a design contract will be provided.

A Design Contract means you're receiving white-glove interior styling services.

A CURATED DESIGN with furniture, art, rug, and décor selections made with only your space in mind. The principle of scale and proportion is fundamental in the art of interior styling. Scale denotes the size of an item in relation to the room, while proportion measures an object in relation to other elements within the space. Our team of seasoned interior stylists excel in these principles, diligently
measuring every inch of the project space to guarantee that every recommended
piece not only meets the criteria for proper scale and proportion but also
resonates with your personal aesthetic, transforming your space into a tailored

INCORPORATING EXISTING PIECES. We will incorporate the existing pieces of furniture that you wish to keep into your curated design.

A DIGITAL DESIGN BOARD curated exclusively for you and your project allows you to visualize how selected furniture and decor will harmonize within your space, ensuring a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing environment before making any purchases.

FREE DELIVERY of all selected and purchased items.

PROFESSIONAL INSTALLATION by our skilled interior stylists, who are not only experienced and trained but are experts in their field. The importance of installation cannot be overstated—it's the cornerstone of a beautifully realized project. Our team meticulously arranges and styles every aspect of your project, from hanging artwork to fluffing throw pillows, and even setting candles in their holders. We're dedicated to ensuring your newly styled room is picture-perfect for its grand unveiling!

How much is a Design Contract investment?

Investing in a design contract is much more than just mere furniture acquisition; it means you're entrusting your space to seasoned interior stylists with professional expertise and training.

These specialists not only curate your furnishings but also ensure each piece is perfectly installed. In essence, you're not just buying items; you're transforming your environment with the guidance and precision of expert stylists, making every dollar an investment in unparalleled design and comfort.

A Design Contract encompasses two main costs:
[1] the Design Fee and [2] the cost of your chosen furniture and decor items.

Design Fee: The design fee helps compensate your professional interior stylist for their time and expertise. This fee varies depending on the size and complexity of your project. The good news is that the cost of your initial In-Home Consultation will be deducted from the final Design Fee.

Furniture & Décor: Together with your stylist, you'll establish a budget that meets your design aspirations. Plus, as a perk of having a Design Contract, you'll receive an exclusive 10% discount on all retail prices, making your investment go further.

Your Dream Home Awaits.
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