Our Team


Jaime Cawthron

CEO/Lead Buyer

Jaime is a seasoned entrepreneur. Having successfully sold her first company in May of 2021, she took a well-deserved break to enjoy life and family. However, her innate passion for entrepreneurship soon beckoned her towards a new and exciting endeavor.

 Enamored by a quaint furniture store nestled just down the street from her residence, Jaime felt an immediate connection with its charming ambiance. Seizing the moment, she approached the store's owner, Greg Taylor, expressing her desire to purchase his business. Much to her surprise and delight, he agreed, paving the path for the birth of a new direction for the extraordinary furniture and home décor brand: Change Everything.

 Drawing upon her entrepreneurial acumen and unwavering commitment to excellence, Jaime aims to transform houses into homes, captivating hearts and minds with Change Everything's impeccable taste and unparalleled aesthetic appeal.

Jennifer Tompkins

Interior Styling Specialist

My name is Jennifer and I have been in the interior design and decorating industry for five years. I'm a CSU alumni with a degree in business. My love of design began while buying and selling multiple homes in multiple states. I began my design career with a locally owned Northern Colorado builder designing and staging model homes.  This opportunity led me to start my own home staging business. During my efforts to find unique and interesting art and décor in my design and staging work, I came across Change Everything a few years ago when it was a small, quirky, and fun shop in downtown Fort Collins. I could always count on finding one of a kind decorative pieces for my projects and soon became an interior stylist for the store. 

"I feel honored to design and decorate as a stylist with Change Everything."

Dani Stringer

Interior Styling Specialist

When I am not helping my clients create beautiful spaces in their homes, I'm a busy mom of two amazing girls. We enjoy the outdoors, searching for fairies and collecting nature, creating art at home, eating ice cream, having dinner dates, and enjoying live music.  

I started my design journey as a college student in 2004. With10 years of flooring and tile design, lighting design, and countertops under my belt, I'm excited to start helping customers on their journey to an amazing space. .

I believe that what we surround ourselves with deeply impacts our mental well-being - everything matters from the colors on our walls, the floors, the finish of the cabinets, the shape and feel of the furniture, the décor, and family keepsakes. When these come together in harmony, in a way that truly reflects you, your home becomes a place of joy and relaxation. Your home should be your personal oasis that place you look forward to getting to after a long day. Our spaces should be a reflection of us and our energy, and that is my goal for every project.

Natasha Van Wyhe

Interior Styling Specialist

I’m originally from Montana.  I moved to Colorado to go to school and graduated Magna Cum Laude from CSU.  I was recruited to work in Boston in product development, sourcing, and design.  I then moved to Seattle where I was a buyer, started on my MBA and did home staging.  I moved back to Colorado to raise my boys, worked for a homebuilder, and an interior design business.  I have had a home in the Parade of Homes and have worked on multimillion dollar projects in Fort Collins, Windsor, Denver, and Beaver Creek. I am delighted to work with the amazing team at Change Everything.  I look forward to making your dream home a reality.

What Our Customers Say

"This is a FoCo hidden gem. Great selection of modern, boho, contemporary, furniture. Certainly on the higher end $ but some great deals too! Wonderful service. Jen was super helpful and gave us an interior designer consultation basically while there and Aspen was really helpful and polite. Bought some items and will be coming back!"