At Change Everything, our mission is to use our curated collection of furniture, décor, and accessories to enhance our customers' quality of life through interior styling services and a superior, customer-centric retail buying experience.

We are dedicated to establishing trust and building long-term relationships by providing customers with the knowledge they need to make smart purchases that will stay in their home for years to come. We believe in continuing education. We constantly look for ways to expand our knowledge and expertise of furniture design, rugs, upholstery, and interior design and styling trends.

We believe that the style and character of one's home, or workplace, can profoundly impact their attitude. By listening attentively to our customers and understanding their lifestyle and design needs, we aim to create spaces that are beautiful, functional, and a sanctuary that our customers will love to come home to.

Meet Jaime  

Jaime is the CEO and visionary behind Change Everything. She is passionate about furniture and design, handpicking every item in her store to ensure top quality and value. Jaime believes in the transformative power of well-designed spaces and loves helping customers create beautiful, functional homes. A former ski racer, she enjoys skiing with her family, which includes her CSU-attending daughter, veterinarian husband, and their beloved Lab, Birdie. Jaime cherishes quality time and laughter with loved ones.

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Furniture and home decor so unique and inspiring that you’ll want to change everything.


Best of Colorado Award

Award Winning Interior Styling

Change Everything was voted Colorado Biz Magazine's 2023 Best of Interior Design and Furnishings.

Experience the power of our interior styling services. We specialize in using our curated collection of furniture, art, floor coverings, and décor to create stunning spaces. 

Unique High-Quality Products

Change Everything features a hand-picked collection of high-quality furnishings you can’t find anywhere else.

Carefully Curated Style

The home decor and furniture at Change Everything is carefully curated by a team of interior stylists and is always changing.

Eclectic Yet Inspiring

With a focus on exclusivity, quality, and design, Change Everything provides an eclectic yet inspiring mix of items to choose from. 

Creative & Inspiring Team Members

Our customers love to come back again and again because of our creative and inspiring team members who have a strong knack for customer service and interior styling.

Curated Customer Experience

We curate our customer journey just like we curate our unique inventory to create a truly inspiring experience. Change Everything provides a customer-centric buying experience, offering hands-on guidance and support from a team of on-staff interior styling specialists. 


What Our Customers Say

"This is a FoCo hidden gem. Great selection of modern, boho, contemporary, furniture. Certainly on the higher end $ but some great deals too! Wonderful service. Jen was super helpful and gave us an interior designer consultation basically while there and Aspen was really helpful and polite. Bought some items and will be coming back!"